Life is art. Art is life.

Anna, 21. I often find art in a storm cloud, in carved wood, in a smile, and final resting places. This world is a kaleidoscope of beauty. Fall in love with its greatness.
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    Thought I’d share something I personally wrote one day to help relieve my stress. It was influenced by the book “Anger” by Thich Nhat Hanh, which has powerful, yet easy-to-understand knowledge about emotions. I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my time - it was that great. After I wrote this, I felt forgiven and proud.

    I’m sorry for getting upset today.
    I’m sorry for not being how I usually am.
    I’m grateful for every little thing.
    I’m grateful for my beautiful mind and beautiful body.
    I’m sorry, my child of selfishness.
    I’m sorry, my child of anger.
    I hope I have relieved you both in some way.
    But I know you may come back and want more.
    That is fine my children, but please, do so in a manner that considers the feelings of those close to us.
    From this day forward, I want to take care of all my children, my emotions, better.
    I ask nothing more than a mindful heart and the confidence I’ve been searching for.
    I want to find my purpose. I know that there is more to life than what I have available.
    I’m grateful for my health, my knowledge, my mentality - everything that has yet to bloom to its full potential.
    I don’t want to lose my precious smile.

    Namaste, everyone :)

    Personal Lesson of the Day


    This path isn’t about creating some perfect version of ourselves immune from feelings or failure. It is about showing up for the whole dance. When anger, fear, or aversion rise up, it doesn’t mean that you failed yourself or your practice is worthless. It means you’re human. Knowing this and facing our humanity with all its glory, shame, and virtue is the path. Forgive yourself, be kind to yourself, be yourself.

    (Source: inhabitude)

    “ If you don’t have mindfulness, nothing you do will bring you relief, even if you hit a pillow with all your might. Hitting a pillow doesn’t help you get in touch with your anger or discover the nature of your anger. You don’t even get in touch with the pillow. If you were in touch with the pillow, then you would know that it was only a pillow, and not your enemy. Why do you hit the pillow like that? Because you don’t know that it is just a pillow. ”

    —    Excerpt from Anger, by Thich Nhat Hanh